Our Mission

Solving environmental challenges with new observing technology.

As a species we have always had a strong need to understand the natural environment, to keep safe, meet our needs, and avoid exhausting our natural resources. Modern science and technology has greatly increased our challenges as well as our opportunities.

Science and technology have multiplied our impact on the environment, causing water and soil resources depletion, climate change and ecological degradation at unprecedented rates.

But science and technology have also revolutionised our ability to understand and predict our environment. Satellite Earth observation, smart sensor networks and artificial intelligence are giving us unprecedented possibilities to keep a close eye on our environment and predict events and impacts before they materialise.

We develop new methods to measure, monitor and forecast climate, water availability and landscape conditions. Our solutions frequently combine Big Data from satellite observation and sensor networks, with field research, biophysical modelling and machine learning.

The ANU Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics is a world leader in observation technology for real time environmental information.

Some challenges we address include:

BUSHFIRE. For example, we provide fire agencies with information on fire risk, helping them mitigate, prepare and respond to emergencies. Read more

EXTREME WEATHER. For example, we help provide real time information on extreme rainfall to support flood emergency response. Read more.

WATER RESOURCES. For example, we help government agencies provide detailed and accurate information on water availability and use.Read more.

AGRICULTURE. For example, we provide property level information and forecasts of soil moisture availability. Read more.

FORESTRY. For example, we provide extremely detailed information about forest stand structure. Read more.

NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. For example, we help local to national governments in their environmental condition reporting in support of policy and regulation. Read more.

Our projects range from practical solutions for today’s challenges, to making the scientific discoveries to recognise and address tomorrow’s challenges. We also help train the next generation of scientists and decision makers.