Below you can find links to material that was presented, and events that were organised, by our team members.


Workshop ACT environmental sensing activities, 23 February 2015. This workshop was organised to exchange information on current environmental sensing, monitoring and research in the Australian Capital Territory.  You can find details and presentations here.



Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS

We convene the remote sensing part of this course at ANU (ENVS3019/ENVS6319). The course includes a number of short videos, reading material, and tutorials. You can find it all here.


Presentations and Lectures

Advances in Multi-Sensor Systems for In Situ Remote Sensing of Australian Forest Canopy Processes, by Dale Hughes. Presented at MODSIM 2017, Hobart, 8 December 2017 [slides (pdf)]

When do Seasons Change? Calendar structure and season definitions of a Yolngu Calendar, NE Arnhem Land, by Zac Hatfield-Dodds. Presented as poster and oral presentation at the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society conference, Canberra, 9 February 2017 [slides (pdf) and poster (pdf)].

Managing bushfires from space,  by Marta Yebra. Presented at “A very sensory environment”, Fenner Forum 2016 series, ANU,  4 August 2016 [ slides (pdf)  ]

Multi-source satellite data assimilation to detect water cycle changes at global scale: A survey of past successes and failures, opportunities and ideas to make more progress in the future, by Albert van Dijk. Presented at “Observations and Modeling Across Scales: Symposium in Honor of Eric Wood”, Princeton University, 2 June 2016 [ slides ]

Satellite remote sensing to understand the water cost of carbon capture at global scale, by Mara Yebra, public lecture, 13 May 2015 [ pdf (43 slides /  4 MB) ]

Remote sensing the changing global water cycle, by Albert Van Dijk, academic guest lecture, Tuesday 28 April 2015, ANU [ pdf (33 slides / 4 MB) ]

Colouring the dots: Automatically extracting forest characteristics from laser scanning 3D point clouds, by Suzanne Marselis, public lecture, Tuesday 21 April 2015, ANU [ pdf (42 slides / 6 MB) with voice recording (52 mins / 47 MB ) ]

Mapping bushfire hazard and impact. Marta Yebra and Albert van Dijk, Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Research Advisory Forum, 4 December 2014, RMIT, Melbourne [ pdf (external link / 1.4 MB) ]

Assimilation of satellite observations into hydrological forecasting. Albert van Dijk, H-SAF/HEPEX workshop on coupled hydrology, 6 November 2014, ECMWF, Reading, UK [ pdf (external link / 30 slides)  ]