Workshop ACT Environmental Sensing activities

Workshop ACT environmental sensing activities

Friday 13 February 2015, Fenner School, ANU

There are currently various research activities related to environmental sensing and monitoring in the ACT, including the National Arboretum Phenomic Sensor Array, the ACT grass curing trial,  the Namadgi NP cosmic ray sensor, airborne LiDAR and hyperspectral data collection, terrestrial laser scanning activities, and unmanned aerial vehicle sensing development and trialling. No doubt there are other relevant activities not mentioned here, as well as future activities at different stages of planning. This one day workshop was intended to (1) exchange information on relevant recent, current and near-future R&D activities through brief presentations; (2) find common interests and new opportunities for collaboration; (3) determine priorities in terms of data collection and (web) sharing; and (4) discuss where coordination or expansion would be beneficial and agree how to go about it. You can find the day’s agenda here. Where available, pdf version of the presentations can be found via the links below.



Sensor networks
Arboretum Research Forest – Cris Brack, ANU
National Arboretum Phenomic Sensor Array, UAV development and trialling – Tim Brown and Adrian Garrido, ANU [PDF]
Sentinel+ and meteorology sensors at arboretum – Alex Held, CSIRO
Cosmic ray sensor for fire and flood risk monitoring – Albert van Dijk, ANU [PDF]
Fuel Moisture Collection; Go or no go for burning and predicting fire behaviour for prescribed fire – Brian Levine, Malcolm Gale and Stephen Wilkes, ACT
Monitoring winds over complex terrain with a PAWS anemometer array- Rachael Elizabeth Griffiths, UNSW [PDF]
In-situ sensors for monitoring vegetation growth and phenology – Darius Culvenor, Environmental Sensing Systems [PDF]
ACT curing and fuel moisture field monitoring- Lauren de Waal, ANU [PDF]
Airborne and terrestrial remote sensing
2014 Airborne campaign at the ACT – Marta Yebra, ANU [PDF]
Zebedee Terrestrial LiDAR- Debbie Crawford & Tom Jovanovic, CSIRO [PDF]
Airborne/Zebedee LiDAR for fuel structure – Suzanne Marselis, ANU [PDF]
Dual Wavelength Echidna Lidar – Michael Schaeffer, CSIRO [PDF]
New airborne LiDAR acquisition for the ACT – Kristy van Putten, ACT
Mapping forest fuel load and structure from airborne LiDAR data- Narsimha Garlapati, ANU [PDF]
Modelling forest fuel hazard change over time using LiDAR technology – Yang Chen, Monash University [PDF]