Tony Boston

+61 448 514 428
Frank Fenner Building (141)


B.Sc. (Hons) (ANU), Grad. Dip. Computing Studies (UC)

Tony has more than 30 years experience in the development of integrated national information systems based on the aggregation of data from agencies across Australia. He has done this for a range of scientific and collections-based organisations, including geoscience and environment agencies, libraries, museums, herbaria, archives and galleries. Tony has extensive expertise in geographic information management including development of national and international data standards and systems for data collection, storage and management.

Tony’s APS career included executive roles within the Department of the Environment, National Library of Australia and Bureau of Meteorology. At the Bureau, Tony was responsible for development of a national database of surface and groundwater information that underpins the Water Information Program and products such as the National Water Account and Australian Water Resource Assessments.

Dr Peter Hairsine

Research concerning sediment transport, water quality and catchment hydrology

Leader of journal paper writing workshops – professional development for researchers aimed at improving the efficiency of journal paper writing

Development of techniques for mitigating various forms of soil erosion

Consulting work concerning the management of terrestrial erosion as impacting the Great Barrier Reef

Prof. Arnold Dekker


Arnold Dekker focuses on innovative methods and applications using earth observation (EO) for aquatic ecosystems. He leads international research involving earth observation of all aquatic resources from inland waters to estuaries, coastal waters, coral reefs and oceans. Till recently he was Director of the CSIRO Earth Observation & Informatics Future Science Platform. He is a council member of the Australian Marine Science Association and the Australian Earth Observation Coordinating Group. His multiple international positions enabled him to enhance Australia’s international reputation, ensuring Australian access to international space agency satellite data; influencing global science and being a trusted advisor.