The Landscape Data Visualiser: deep insight into our environment

There is an abundance of data on Australia’s natural resources and ecosystems. However, in many cases the data are hard to find and cannot easily be viewed by a non-expert user.

This is why we are working with the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) to develop the TERN-ANU Landscape Data Visualiser, a web atlas of spatial data on our landscapes, soils, ecosystems and water resources available from ANU, TERN and other organisations. The Visualiser allows you to drill into time series for any location, compare to data sets, and download data for further processing.

You can visualise and analyses data from airborne data collection (e.g. LiDAR and hyperspectral imaging), a range of time series from satellite remote sensing and modelling, data from field surveys (e.g. AusPlots) and time series from station measurements such as the CosmOz soil moisture network and the OzFlux energy, water and carbon flux measurement network.